Samuël A. M. (Sam) Weima

Samuël A. M. (Sam) Weima PhD, 9th January 2023 Sam Weima obtained his masters degree in chemical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. He is interested in device integration and exploring new ideas with interdisciplinary cooperation. He is currently occupied with applying machine learning to the development of interactive materials. A fun fact about Sam

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Jingqi Ma

Post-doc, February 2024 Jingqi Ma obtained his Ph.D. from Sichuan University in China, where he majored in biomedical engineering. His research has focused on developing 3D-printed biodegradable materials that can be used for bone repair. His main work is to evaluate the biological function of materials. He is currently interested in the interaction of liquid

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Mathis Lagier

PhD, 1th October 2023 Mathis started his education with a technical degree in Instrumentation & measurement, specialising in Materials & Physico-Chemical Control at Montpellier Institute of Technology (France). After this, he joined the engineering school Grenoble INP Phelma where he completed an MSc in Materials Science and Engineering degree with highest honour. During his last

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Jiahui Dong

Postdoc, 6th October 2023 Jiahui Dong is a materials scientist with her master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Institute of Metal research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She obtained her PhD degree in Biomechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology about 3D printing of biodegradable implants for biomedical applications. Currently as a postdoc, she

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Keumbee Kim

Kim Keumbee PhD, 3th July 2023 Keumbee Kim obtained her masters degree in chemical engineering from Pusan National University, South Korea. During this period she studied 3D printing of humidity-responsive liquid crystal elastomer. She is currently interested in multi-responsive liquid crystal polymer that can respond to two or more stimuli, or can be actuated in

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Elif Kurt

PhD, 1st March 2023 Elif Kurt obtained her masters degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkiye. During this period, she studied liquid crystal microcapillary-based optical sensors. She is currently interested in combining the non-linear mechanics of the mechanical metamaterials with stimuli-responsive liquid crystal materials for developing new actuation strategies and design structures

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Tom Bruining

PhD, 9th January 2023 Tom Bruining is a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in molecular systems and materials chemistry from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is interested in creating liquid crystal based stimuli responsive surfaces that can change their texture to provide haptic feedback. These surfaces have applications in virtual reality and augmented

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