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Anne Verdurmen Master

My name is Anne Verdurmen. I am a master student and live in Weert. My hobby is photography, for which I have also joined the TUe association Dekate Mousa. I have done my Bachelor End Project within the SFD group as well, under guidance of Yari Foelen, which I have enjoyed so much that I have come back for my Master Thesis.

I am doing my Master Thesis under the guidance of Jacques Peixoto. My project is titled ‘The tunability of the boundary conditions for the complex shaping of the director in the case of cholesteric liquid crystal network’ . In this project I will aim to control the formation of 3D structures in a cholesteric liquid crystal coating. These 3D structures result in a tuneable surface topography which can reversibly switch from a flat surface to a field of protrusions. To control the structures I will analyse the effect of surfactants, as surfactants can control the air-LC interface, which is one of the boundary conditions influencing the LC structures.