Optics is an essential part of our everyday lives, ranging from high-speed internet connection to eyesight correction. Lenses are the key component is all such functions and as the requirements for optics become more and more dynamic, so must the materials.

What is happening now

Current efforts to improve advance optics is focused on quantum physics or through complex lens systems with composite lenses. The responsive properties of smart materials such as liquid crystals can acts an actuator, sensor and lens within a single-material.

Our Vision for our Research

Our current research is aimed towards showing complex yet easily controllable and adjustable optical behaviour in liquid crystal surfaces and within liquid crystal free-standing films.

Responsive Molecular Order

The responsive molecular order properties of liquid crystal are promising for advanced optics.

Show Optical Behaviour

We aim to show complex yet adjustable optical behaviour of liquid crystals for in display and communication functions.

Advanced Liquid Crystals

Our vision is to create advanced liquid crystal lenses and optical components which can be used for smart microscopes and light tracking applications.

Applications of our research

Advanced optics with liquid crystal materials would allow for smart and responsive microscopy and responsive lenses for light tracking and communication.