Inspiring creativity and imagining possibilities with Danqing at the IPM colloquium

Another inspiring afternoon was had at the TU/e with Dr. Danqing Liu’s presentation of her group’s recent work at the IPM colloquium. The pride of the group members in seeing their work presented to a broader audience was palpable. In fact, PhD students from Danqing’s group were seen beaming uncontrollable smiles as their work went up on the big screen in the Helix building’s presentation room. This enthusiasm and energy entails a strong generation of budding liquid crystal researchers with many more interesting projects to come!

Ranging from liquid crystal torons to liquid reconnectable circuit breakers and dynamic liquid crystal surfaces, a complete array of incredible possibilities was presented to students and professors from groups across the department of chemical engineering and chemistry (CE&C). The interest of students from other groups in our research was also clearly felt, leading to some very insightful questions about Danqing’s group’s research. In fact, Pengrong Lyu, a PhD student from Danqing’s group, was “very impressed” with the questions that were asked to Danqing. Indeed, the audience was listening intently and taking everything in, because possibilities for collaboration or further student projects are up for grabs!

Danqing hopes this presentation of our group’s new work will inspire students and professors across the CE&C. Especially as her group is now moving towards producing devices, opportunities for collaboration is set to increase! More brains to work on it, the better!

Correspondence Mert Astam