Vincent van der Doef

PhD Vincent van der Doef Is a PhD student at ECO and HIM. He studied Molecular Life science at Wageningen University and he now works on Programmable lenses for optical wireless communications assisted by liquid crystal elastomers which will be used in the Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-wireless System for Energy-efficient communication project. I also used to […]

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Dongyu Zhang

PhD, 1st February 2021 Dongyu Zhang obtained her Mater degree in University of Science and Technology of China, majoring in applied chemistry. She is interested in stimuli responsive liquid crystal materials for liquid secretion. By mimicking the natural liquid secretion phenomenon, smart liquid crystal polymeric materials can be made for robotic application such as “pick

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Yuxin You

TU/e Guest Researcher, 01-09-2020 Yuxin You is a materials researcher with a master’s degree in optical engineering. She is interested in developing smart coatings made of liquid crystal polymers that can generate predesigned topographies at the coating surfaces reversibly. These dynamic surfaces are anticipated to benefit many functions in the fields of optics, haptics, robotics,

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Duygu Polat

PhD,1st of August 2021 Duygu is a chemical engineer with a M.Sc. from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She is interested in developing liquid crystal actuators which can apply force in a rapid manner. Fast responses can be accessed by designing instabilities into liquid crystal actuators Her project is a part of the STORM-BOTs initiative

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Jacques Peixoto

PhD, 1st April 2021 Jacques Azevedo Peixoto obtained his master’s degree in nanotechnology and telecommunication from Ecole Normal Superieur, France. He is interested in the bottom-to-top assembly in liquid crystal to broaden the library of possibilities and increase the impact of such material. He is currently occupying tuning boundary conditions and/or using external stimuli such

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Mert Astam

Mert O. Astam is a materials scientist and engineering with an MEng from Imperial College London. He is interested in turning liquid crystal materials into electrically driven devices, seeking to extract the benefits to society of this technology. He has recently shown the intelligence of soft robots in his latest paper “Self-regulating electrical rhythms with

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