HIM is branching out in the scientific world with Duygu at the NWO Physics conference

Demonstrating the power of HIM at the MaterialenNL conference

The work of the researchers at the HIM group fascinates people far and wide, yet only a few get the pleasure of seeing and even feeling our technologies up close! Thus, when the HIM group was invited to present its demonstrators at the MaterialenNL conference, HIM PhD candidate Mert Astam went prepared to amaze. The meticulously organized conference greeted Mert with a large banner of the group and a spacious stand to display demonstrators developed by HIM PhD candidates Tom Bruining, Sam Weima and Pengrong Lyu.  

As soon as Mert set up the stand, curious attendees began to flood in. Feeling the haptic function of our liquid crystal active surfaces drew amazed gasps from the audience, while our fiber demonstrator captivated many pairs of eyes as they watched the liquid crystal fibers sway to and fro at a set frequency. Our liquid crystal adaptive electronics units also coaxed some smiles from the audience as they watched it curl up in their palms. 

Many attendees of the MaterialenNL conference were drawn to the HIM stand, with some of the audience even bringing their lunch over to the stand to listen to Mert explain the HIM demonstrators while they ate; quite the privilege to have such high-quality scientific entertainment over a meal! The popularity of the HIM demo stand was recognized by the organizers, who subsequently invited Mert for an interview regarding his experience of the conference. Once again, HIM takes the spotlight!  

Considering the acclaim the HIM demo stand received from attendees, the organizers of the MaterialenNL conference announced their sentiment to further expand the demonstrator section of their event next year. With the successful close of the MaterialenNL conference for 2023, the HIM group is always looking forward to attending many more conferences with our latest demonstrators. We guarantee we will fascinate!  

Mert proudly stands by the HIM banner, showing off some of our latest demonstrators.

Correspondence Mert Astam