Eindhoven University of Technology

We have positions for PhD, Post-doc. Currently available positions and research topics are:

  1. PhD position: Bringing sensing function in dynamic surface topographies
  2. Post-doc position: Time-temperature indicator

We also have Master projects. If you are interested in our research topics, please contact me: Helix building STO 0.41, Het Kranenveld 14, 5612 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Laboratory of Device Integrated Responsive Materials (DIRM), China

Our DIRM institute is regularly recruiting PhD, Post-doc and staff members. DIRM is a joint initiative between Eindhoven University of Technology and South China Normal University. For this collaboration, I visit DIRM on a two-monthly basis to transfer knowledge and to assist in setting up pilot lines (Shenzhen, China) for scaling up our results.