Teaching activities

Course: Device integrated responsive materials (6EMA62)

I am responsible for a master elective course on ‘device integrated responsive devices’ at Eindhoven University of Technology. Course code: 6EMA62. This is a challenge-based learning, cross-departmental course to teach students smart materials and smart devices. The aim of the course is to fill the gap between molecular sciences and device engineering. The philosophy of my teaching is that students are learning from the experts and learning by doing. 

course: Engineering design (4WBBO)

It is a bachelor required course. Students work in multidisciplinary groups to develop a novel, innovative product. The student groups follow a structured design process, starting with generation and selection of ideas, a concept design with exploratory prototypes, a functional design and a detailed design, and finally a fully functional design that will be presented to a jury.

Course: Advances in liquid crystals

I give a regular course on ‘Advances in Liquid Crystals’. This course consists of an introduction to liquid crystals, optics_dielectrics_displays, liquid crystal polymers, advances in liquid crystals.