Steered Secretion

We create solid polymer skin holds a reservoir of liquid in its deformable micrometer-sized pores. Upon compressing the skin by light the pore dimensions will be reduced squeezing out the initially locked liquids at the skin surface.


Anne Helene Gelebart, Danqing Liu, Dirk J. Mulder, Kevin H.J. Leunissen, Jop van Gerven, Albert P.H.J. Schenning and Dirk J. Broer, Photo-responsive sponge-like coating for on-demand liquid release, Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 28, 1705942. 

We are expanding this research topic by

  • Localizing the secreting at the desired position at the surface (Unpublished results, researcher Dr. Wanshu Zhang)
  • Developing electricity triggered secretion and releasing various liquids (Yuanyuan Zhan).

Researcher: Yuanyuan ZHAN (PhD Candidate)